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22 February 2006 @ 06:26 pm
god, i hate comcast so fucking much  
so i turn on the tv, and it says that the channel will be available shortly. whatever, i know that the comcast infrastructure is essentially a pack of insulated copper armor wearing wolverines that only conduct the picture when they've been doused in steak sauce and are actually fighting... whatever, even wolverines can't be angry all the time, so i fire up the media pc and start watching mythbusters episodes courtesy of bitorrent and the interwub.

i hear a knock at my door, and it's my downstair's neighbor asking me if i'm any good with cable. turns out she's having the same problem too, and the comcast support-tard was telling her that she could get her picture back if she removed the cable box completely (?!). i told her it was a service interruption, and i was having it too.

so i ring comcast, and they'll only fix it if i'm home tomorrow between 1 and 5 pm. nevermind that i'm having the trouble too. oh, but if a third customer calls and says their service is out, then they'll declare an emergency and send someone out right away.

i swear to fuck, i hope this is the final straw that lets our landlords put a dish up, because i am so beyond tired of their exceptional tard-ery.
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