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the loudmouth ravings of an armchair malcontent

24 June
this is the forward-facing (read: public) journal for sinthetik.com. there is another journal, to be found at sushispook, but that's primarily for people that i know personally, and is filtered.

this is essentially more of a rants/writing/essay journal, for a wider audience.
80's music, abandoned buildings, alton brown, anger, anthony bourdain, anti-nazi, anti-racism, aquatics, asian cooking, asian culture, b-movies, bad badtz, bad movies, badtz maru, big blue room, bloom county, blue hair, bruce campbell, bunnies, castlevania, cats, cheese, chen kenichi, chicago, computers, cooking, corsets, creepy things, dance dance revolution, david sedaris, ddr, dead buildings, dead cities, diabetes, die yuppies, die yuppy, dim sum, divx, dreamcast, dvd ripping, dyed hair, eating babies, ebm, ebn, electronic music, electronics, empty buildings, empty cities, emulation, engrish, entropy, ethnic food, fetish, fish, food, food network, frightening things, fuck american idol, fuck drama, fuck emeril, fuck emo, fuck san francisco, fuck spam, fucking, geekery, gir, goth, gourmet, gourmet cooking, halloween, horror, horror games, horror movies, horror video games, i wish for peace, industrial, invader zim, iron chef, japanese cooking, japanese culture, jhonen vasquez, kitsch, kitties, laserweasels, linux, living dead, making fun of people, marv albert, masaharu morimoto, meat-geysers, megaman, mocking, mocking the stupid, morimoto, mr. shouty, mr. wasabi, mst3k, neal stephenson, networking, nigella bites, nigella lawson, open source, oral sex, playstation, playstation 2, purple hair, raw fish, reading, real women, recipes, recovering goths, red hair, red hat, resident evil, ripping dvd's, rokusaburo michiba, samba, sanrio, scares, scary things, sea, seafood, sex, sex in general, sexuality, sfnet, shiny things, silent hill, spooky things, squee, stripey tights, super-soakers, survival horror, sushi, terry pratchett, the living dead, timmah, tropical fish, underwater, unix, video games, vinyl, vnvsucks, wasabi, water, weird hair, women, writing, zombies